“…tis my delight, alone in summer shade, to pipe a simple song for thinking hearts.”    -Wordsworth

October 19 2019 – in concert with the Skagit Symphony, Peter Maxwell Davies “An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise”, Mount Vernon WA. Grandpa’s ca 1900 full Lawrie Bagpipe, set to concert pitch A440 (here, drones are lengthened with Extenders to assist with having the pipe at Concert Pitch).


Piping full-time since 1994, Tyrone is celebrating 30 years as the Resident Cathedral Bagpiper in Seattle.  He won the World Solo Amateur Championship, Glasgow, in 2009.  Growing up playing his Grandfathers’ pipe, Tyrone performs, teaches, composes, records — and plays all things Piping.


Cathedral Piper in Residence  (30 years)

World Solo Amateur Champion, Piobaireachd, Glasgow (2009)

Seattle Bagpipe Music  |  Performance  |  Composition  |  Bagpipe Instruction

I’m Tyrone Heade, a full-time bagpipe musician in Seattle, and Seattle’s Cathedral Bagpiper in Residence since 1990.  It’s my passion.  Growing up playing my Grandfather’s bagpipe, I perform, teach and compose bagpipe music in the Northwest and beyond – full-time since 1994.  And, in an utter surprise to me, I won the World Solo Amateur Championship, Glasgow, in 2009.

Every performance is my only performance.  Every student is my only student, and every composition is my only composition.  To accommodate different performance spaces, I have prepared 10 different volume-ranging bagpipes for spaces tiny to extra-large.  Since 1992 I’ve taught bagpipe music — to women, men, to the young, very young and not-so-young — in person, in classes, and  thru my advanced Skype studio in Seattle.  I’m no stranger to the hot seat either  — “The best musicians continue to learn,”  and in 1997 I was offered the chance to create my own Continuing Education, creating from scratch curriculum and framework to take advantage of hosting the World’s top Double Gold Medal pipers and World Champion drummer annually here in Puget Sound – for what became the Mastery of Scottish Arts piping program – fully considered now to be the best annual Piping & Drumming program in the world.  Since 1998, we bring the best of the top Gold Medalists worldwide, 8-10 of them annually, to teach me and 80 other bagpipe musicians at the Winter School.  It’s a wonderful thing — and the only place in the world where these teachers gather to pass on their craft.  For myself, it’s become a ‘hot seat’ as I work hard throughout the year to satisfy this tremendous group of instructors.

And finally, Thank You for finding me here.  More detail about my background, including non-profit bagpipe volunteerism, performances of note, awards etc., is all hereIf you would like, the ‘behind the curtain’ view, my Blog is here too (selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Bagpipe Blogs on the web).


High resolution videos — Highland bagpipe, Great Scottish Small pipe, and another Small pipe.


Grandpa with Pipes

My grandfather with ca 1900 Lawrie ‘War Pipes. Grandmother gave me his instrument & uniform when I was 9, he passed when I was 4.


Tyrone Heade, piper

206.790.2781       tyrone.heade@comcast.net

Pipe Major, Elliott Bay Pipe Band
Cathedral Piper in Residence, St. James Cathedral & St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral



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