Seattle Bagpipe Music, the new year — Make your Bagpipe Performance Presentation even Better!

A possible bagpipe performance audience in the '60's.

Seattle Bagpipers, ready for a New Year of making the best thing even better?  Let’s improve our Bagpipe music performance presentation for 2018….

“The Best thing to happen to us was This Job, because This Job has us doing the one thing we never did in our lives: Practice.”

–QuestLove, percussionist Grammy-award winner and joint lead for The Roots, aka America’s House Band, referring to being hired for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonQuestLove was the Executive Producer for the Grammy Award winning Original Cast recording of Hamilton.

Bagpipers, ready to improve your audience-centered performances for 2018?  Get up on things by thoughtfully improving your Practice, Rehearsals and Instrument presentation.

  • How well do you know your instrument?  Reliability, ease of play, finesse in presentation?  Solve it all, before 2018 gets away from you.
  • What is your process for refining Technique?  We play the smallest notes in all of music; get involved with evolving to a high standard.
  • We’re also an instrument that requires practicing on another device, the Practice Chanter.  Make good use of that lately?

Consider the following, and begin to set some goals…

  • Are you musically “out of control” on your Practice Chanter, Highland Bagpipe, or Small pipe?  Start with a plan to be in control of all your music.  Every note has purpose, the smallest, the largest.
  • If your first notes on the chanter are “out of control”, change that.  Change your first notes, make them supremely under control — and you’ll get used to changing them all down the line.
  • Fingers asleep on the holes, Right?  Leave the gripping to folks that don’t want to play well.
  • Is your instrument too difficult to rehearse on comfortably?  Pipes that are not efficient, taking too much air or not geometrically adjusted personally for the player are often the Root cause of unsteady tone, hands not in supreme control of the musical timing, or other Performance Presentation issues.

Pipers, it’s 2018 — continually change your approach, and the Sweet Music will follow in kind.


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