From 1924 – Grandfather N P Heade SR performs for AOH St. Patrick’s Celebration….

Grandfather Nicholas Patrick Heade plays 1924 Ancient Order of Hibernians St Pat's Celebration, Portland OR

Grandfather Nicholas Patrick Heade performs for 1924 Ancient Order of Hibernians St Pat’s Celebration, Portland OR

Dateline Seattle, approaching St Pat’s 2021 – While planning for my own brief AOH related performance in 5 days…. didn’t expect to receive this 97 year old notice of my Grandfather doing the same in Portland 97 years ago from my Southern Oregon cousins.  The ‘Irish bagpipes’ mentioned here were actually referred to — in my family’s native Ardee Cty Louth Ireland — as Irish War Pipes back then.  This set of 1900 R.G.Lawrie Highland pipes that referred to as War Pipes then (as I think they still are now quite often in Ireland still).  Those pipes are sitting right behind me as I write this, played at the current A480 pitch a few weeks ago in the snow, up from the A440 pitch I usually keep them at (and that grandpa probably had them them at too).  I’m thinking he would be happy with my piping endeavors today, and might have questions about the full set of Uilleann pipes I’m working to get-up-to-snuff-on as well.  Although, I think he might have had lots of questions regarding my frequent Piobaireachd studies no doubt!

Cheers to you as St Pat’s 2021 approaches.  May it, and the rest of Spring, be a happy & welcome one!

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