Bagpipe Lessons: Highland Bagpipe, Small pipes & Reel pipes


Some comments from students; please find additional materials below, including video of a young student who’s now piping during his graduate degree…..

“Would I recommend Tyrone? Absolutely — he’s infinitely patient but still presses the student to practice good technique and play with strong musicality. There’s something very satisfying to hear a tune come together with either on the practice chanters or on the pipes.” 

“Tyrone re-started my piping education from scratch. In the beginning, I thought I would go mad with exercise, after exercise, and was impatient to start playing tunes. Eventually I understood that the exercises are the building blocks of the tunes, and I now enjoy a sense of accomplishment when I execute any of the basic techniques particularly well. In fact, Tyrone has taught me to examine the technique within each tune and improve the tune by improving the incorporated techniques.”

” Tyrone brings to bear the exactly correct combination of discipline, expectation, encouragement, and example. He is quick to share in the joy of an accomplishment, and is very patient when we encounter a portion of the learning process that proves more difficult.”

“Learning the bagpipe has been, to me, like learning a new way to think and speak. Tyrone has taught me far more than the mechanics and timing involved in playing the bagpipe, he has been an essential part of acquiring an understanding of the instrument and an appreciation for the traditional Celtic folk melodies that will eventually lead to more proficient performance. Tyrone has taught me how to learn as well as how to play the instrument, including steps to take if things go poorly during practice.”

“Some small portion of a single percent of the world’s population plays the bagpipe, and a smaller portion yet can play it well.  Tyrone is one of the rare individuals who can perform to a very high standard *and* is able to teach the instrument.”

“There are undoubtedly some other good teachers around, but in my life I have met very few instructors in any subject better suited to guide and inspire students toward success than Tyrone Heade. I can recommend him without reservation.” 

I enjoy work with students – young, very young and still-young (parents are always welcome too!).  In person, yes, and by also by Skype more so. Pipers have used Skype for instruction since it appeared, and it works incredibly well for pipes.  MySkype broadcasts have no perceptible lag.

I have a large, bright and friendly classroom studio, designed for piping, in northwest Seattle.

Student goals include improving technique, bettering timing, sometimes goals for solo competition, or becoming team musicians (and sometimes leaders) for Seattle’s Elliott Bay Pipe Band (where I volunteer as lead music director, or Pipe-Major).

I have a lengthy background in classical pipe music, Piobaireachd (or Pibroch).  I enjoy it very much, as I do all pipe music!  I have successfully competed with many, and I teach it successfully all the time.

Feel free to browse remarks from my students.  Additionally, some August 2009 success was noted with Seattle Times coverage, and in other commentary.

My schedule for weekly instruction is Monday Tuesday Wednesday, and includes youth and adult beginners through advanced players. Notable advanced students include Aggregate Winners in grades I, II and III in most regional games, including the 2003 winner of the British Columbia Pipers Association Annual Gathering Grade I Piobaireachd.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Speech Communication (Oregon State University), minoring in Engineering Physics. Prior to piping full-time, I specialized in niche marketing strategies for law, architecture, and graphic design firms.  I have a seven-year history of Competitive speech and debate, including five for OSU.

Private Instruction

Tyrone offers private lessons weekdays, from morning to late afternoon.  Private lessons may be in person or over Skype.  Lessons times may vary to meet the needs of both student and teacher.  Weekends and evenings are reserved for performances, rehearsal and travel, as are some Thursdays and Fridays.

Intermediate Bagpipe Class

Currently on hiatus, Tyrone’s original class ran 1994-2010.  The class was perfect for those coming back to play after many years of absence, those moving from weekly instruction to a less rigorous schedule, or those wishing to maintain their piping education in friendly, relaxed setting.
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